The Art of Presentation

Receiving your Baker St. pendant is as special as wearing it. 

We have spent as much time creating our presentation boxes as our pendants. Each Pendant comes beautifully presented in our custom gold foiled '3 Tier' presentation box, a luxurious package that celebrates our Hatton Garden Heritage with a unique velvet fabric upholstery that channels London's modern day fashion.

Each presentation box contains 3 individual tiered boxes is gold foiled on multiple tiers, a process that is completely applied by hand. Each tier has an internal velour lining that means sliding it open is as automatic as the tube doors that inspired the design.

Each pendant sits on a custom velvet fabric 'seat'. We have a selection of different patterns and colours that take direct inspiration from The London Undergrounds seating designs. For each order you may request a specific colour if wanted (please note if a requested colour is out of stock, a close alternative will be used). Each boxes upholstery is hand measured, cut and lined on a single order basis, meaning every order is completely unique.   

Baker St packaging box

Baker St packaging box 2